Play to Earn

Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends is an online, competitive game
based on Blockchain technology. Play with your friends
and earn rewards through e-Sports competition.

Game Features

  • 101 Battle Royale

    In '101 Battle Royale' players compete against 100 opponents in real-time. Be the last one standing!


  • Team Battle

    Two teams of four players battle against each other. The winning player leads their team to victory!


  • Story Mode

    Clear the seasonal scenario mode and earn special rewards.

    Coming Soon

  • Make Friends

    Players can collect and nurture their favorite Baby Shark and Pinkfong Friends. Each Friend has its own unique active and passive special abilities.

    Coming Soon

  • E-Sports League

    Through both online and offline e-Sports competitions, we plan to establish a family-friendly competitive e-Sports league. Earn rewards and prizes with your friends and family!


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